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Saturday 10th                         9.30-11.30  Family Fun with Art

For details and to book, please contact Mike at Pier Road Coffee and Art via Facebook



Saturday 7th– 21st                   9.30-11.30     Pencil Drawing: Taking it to the Next Level

For details and to book, please contact Mike at Pier Road Coffee and Art via Facebook

Saturday28th                        9.30-11.30    Autumn Colours (oil painting)

For details and to book, please contact Mike at Pier Road Coffee and Art via Facebook


   Small classes       

   All abilities welcome                                                       

   Art classes for absolute beginners and improvers. Master 

   classes for more experienced artists. Classes suitable for    

   students wishing to learn or develop their technique and  


Plenty of tutor encouragement to develop your individual painting style and approach

See you soon!

Art History embedded in practical instruction

Painting demonstrations

Individual tutor support and guidance throughout sessions

Current Course

What do Cat’s students say?

I particularly enjoyed the challenge of doing things I wouldn’t normally attempt, and the encouragement

An excellent course-very original-enjoyed the mix of art history and ‘hands on’!

Really enjoyed tackling portraiture after 40+ years

I particularly enjoyed learning about artists within historical contexts e.g. social/political contexts

Despite my inexperience, I gained in confidence enough to consider further courses with Cat

One of the most enjoyable courses I have done

I enjoyed the variety of media

Brilliant Course. Am achieving so much more than I ever thought possible!

Themes explored

Practical lessons including Art History and Appreciation, Portrait painting, Nature, Landscapes, Seascapes and Coastal themes, Still life, Architecture, Weather and Atmosphere, Seasons and Seasonal Themes, Work from live, costumed models, a range of classes inspired by Artists and Designers

Technical Skills taught

Colour Theory, Mixing and Blending, Tone, Line Work, Mark-Making, Techniques for depth and texture, Working imaginatively, Measuring, Proportion and Composition, Monochrome Techniques, Development of Observational skills, perspective, pattern and design

Mediums taught

Watercolour, Acrylic ,Pen and Wash ,Soft Pastel ,Oil Pastel, Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolour Pencil, Mixed Media,Collage

Previous Courses

  • Seas and Skies in Pen and Wash
  • Getting Started in drawing Portraits in Pencil
  • Winter Lights
  • Pencil Drawing for Beginners
  • Making an Impression
  • Pencil Drawing with Cat
  • Walk and Sketch
  • Using a Sketchbook
  • Exploring the Different Moods of the Sea #1
  • A Spring Scene Saturday 3rd March
  • Pen and Watercolour Wash
  • FULLY BOOKED- Woods and Water 17th February
  • Winter Lights
  • An Autumn Scene
  • Learning to Sketch Using a Sketchbook
  • ‘Soooooo Last Century!’ Exploring the Art of Ravillious and Piper
  • Whatever the Weather
  • ‘Making an Impression’ A course exploring the Impressionist Artist
  • See it! Draw It!
  • ‘It’s Not Just Soup Cans’ The Art of Andy Warhol
  • Don’t Panic, Pick Up a Paintbrush
  • Marvellous Monet
  • Drawing for the Terrified or Slightly Anxious
  • It’s Acrylic Actually
  • ‘Inspired by Nature’ Klimt, MacIntosh,Morris, Burne-Jones
  • Experimental Watercolours
  • Working With Pen and Wash
  • ‘Elegant Figures’ Exploring the Art of Erte and Mucha (using a live costumed model)
  • Tackling Mr Turner
  • ‘Here Come the Girls!’ A course Exploring the work of female artists